50 Day Running Streak


On the summit of Mount Isobel during my 50 day streak

On the summit of Mount Isobel during my 50 day streak

Today I have run for 50 days without a break. During the last 50 days I have run every single day. My shortest run was 2.65km (1.64 miles), my longest was 50km (31 miles). I have run on the beach and in the hills. I have run over Mount Isobel above Hanmer Springs and I have run round and around Hagley Park in the centre of Christchurch City. I have run in new shoes, old shoes and barefoot on the beach. I have run before dawn and watched the sun rise out of the sea. I have run at lunchtime, and in the evening as the sun sets. I have run with old friends, new friends, dear friends, my dog and alone. During this time I have raced in a 17km mountain run, a trail half marathon and a 50km ultra.

I was so looking forward to writing this post. I would be full of words of wisdom, precious little pearls to pass on to my admiring readers. And yet now I have got here, I feel a resounding…so what?

I don’t really feel any different, fitter perhaps, but I have not suddenly attained enlightenment, or discovered the meaning of life, the universe and everything. I am just a runner.

And maybe that is what it is all about. Being ‘just a runner’. I do now identify myself as a runner, although I had been running for over a year before that happened, but ‘being a runner’, just is. It is neither good nor bad, exciting or unexciting. It is just what I choose to do.

But I have no pearls of wisdom for you. No list of ’10 things I have learnt’ (except that by running more you get fittter, but my guess is you could have worked that one out for yourselves!) So, after 50 days of running, I don’t really know what to say.

It’s been fun, of course, or I wouldn’t do it! I love being on the beach in the teeth of a storm, or up in the hills on a beautiful clear day when I can see forever. And I feel better when I have been for a run than when I haven’t.

So I think I shall carry on. I wondered if I should take tomorrow off, just to prove I am not getting obsessed, but on the other hand, why worry? There are many obsessed people in the world. One more won’t change anything.

Maybe after I have run 100 days without a break I shall have found wisdom.

Or maybe wisdom can run faster than I can!






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4 Responses to 50 Day Running Streak

  1. LynnCS says:

    Not such a bad obsession. Congrats on the great accomplishment. Lynn

  2. Pam says:

    I love your attitude about this… from the “so what” to “what have I learned.” You’re a runner. Just keep running while it feels good and right! 🙂

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