Procrastination…the Ultimate in Slow Living?

It is with a degree of irony that I admit I have procrastinated about writing this post for over a week. I had the idea about 10 days ago and a few days later wrote the post title on my blog page. Since then, until now…nothing.

I always have good reasons for not getting on with my work, be it posting on the blog, sewing (my ‘real’ job), housework or anything else open-ended. I tell myself it is important to take the time to smell the roses, to enjoy each moment, to not rush into things, that a walk on the beach to clear my head is just what I need!

Slow living is about taking time to experience the moment; to do what you are actually doing and not to attempt to do too many things at once; to remember, as Ajhan Brahm tells us, the most important person on the planet is the one in front of you right now.

But procrastination is no part of slow living.

According to Wiki, procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones.

Procrastination only makes it harder to do all those things, because at the back of your mind, worrying away like a little landmine in your brain, is the knowledge that you should really be doing something else. As our school teachers and grannies were so fond of telling us, we should do the duty first and play afterwards, and this way we will be both productive and happy.

And the worst of it is that we know it to be true. How much more pleasant is that walk on the beach if you know you have completed your work first. But somehow that is not how it goes, at least for me. I think, ‘I’ll just take a short stroll to clear my head first’. So off I go to the beach, where I bump into some other regulars and stop for a chat (the most important person, remember….). On my return my hands and ears are cold, so a warm cup of tea is what’s needed. And I might as well finish reading the next chapter whilst drinking that tea…..and so on. Then before we know where we are, it is time to make supper, and nothing has really been done.

And I comfort myself by saying “I’ve been slow living”.

Oh dear!

I wasn’t sure how to end this post so I thought I would go and see what some of my favourite blog writers have to say about procrastination. The links are below.

And then I realised I was procrastinating again. The research changed into blog surfing…oh there is an interesting post…. I haven’t read that before…. and off I go again.

So  I am stopping right now. I have written this post, I shall publish it, and then I shall get on with some sewing.

Or maybe I should just have a cup of tea first.




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