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Slow Living vs Minimalism

There are other names too – Simple Living; Voluntary Simplicity; Sustainable Living. What do they all mean? And how do they differ from each other? The simplest way to look at it is to see what they have in common. … Continue reading

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Slow Running…..yes I KNOW!

OK, OK, I can hear you! “Slow running, that’s a good one! Now there’s an excuse I haven’t heard before….” But I mean it. Actually slow running is a great example to illustrate what slow living is all about. Its … Continue reading

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Slow Life

This is actually about the 5th time I have tried to write this post. I thought I should write a post on exactly what slow living is, and then I discovered my concept was maybe not as solid as I … Continue reading

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Slow Blogging

Slow blogging seems to be an oxymoron. The computer is the poster child of the modern age, ‘bigger, better, newer, smarter’ (Donald Swan) and of course, with computers, rather than the status symbols in general Swan was talking about, FASTER! … Continue reading

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